a week of school christmas parties

We are officially on break and just living that dream.... but last week was the week of all the festive things at school. Each day had a different theme and there was parties on parties! Dominic's was  up first! They came in to the room in all their festive wear and sang a whole bunch of songs complete with hand motions, a lot for a kid to remember! I had Harrison with us too which was fun, such a good kid naturally. They had snacks and then Dom got to take home his little ornament! His teachers rock!

Then the very next afternoon was Letty's party... which was a party for the ages! Her room mom really went all out! I was there of course as a support person but goodness the planning! She puts my room mom skills to shame! The kids did a bunch of crafts: a glass ornament filled with paint, gingerbread houses, holiday cards and then snowman terracotta pots. Then there was of course the snack which included melted snowman cookies and a hot chocolate bar! Nothing but the best for that class!
And finally, David's party. I had to bring Dominic with me and  he was quite the hit with all the boys in David's class! He can hang with some second graders I'll tell you what! His teacher had given me a whole bunch of ideas and I just ran with them! The kids played Christmas charades for a bit and then they moved on to a craft.... tissue paper covered mason jars with a tea light in side! This actually occupied them for so much  longer than I thought it would. Then they had snack and it was time to be on Christmas break! And I just wanted to like curl up on a couch and take a nap....