so what’s new with you?

October was like, the fastest month ever can we agree on that? Baseball and field hockey (well, one league and then we started another. And basketball here soon.... Letty is doing all the things) finished up last month and we have been slowly reclaiming life as we know it... with Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and church and so on. So you know, still a lot.
Let's see, our backyard is a complete and utter mulched mess. The pool and concrete slab are gone and mulch has replaced all the things. Matt has finished the little landing that will be our future deck and is working on stairs and a railing and all of that fun stuff. No real rush though since the pool won't be in till the spring. And once January something hits let's just rush right to that point right?

Also in other big news and probably should have been first on the docket, we got ourselves a wee little kitten. And by wee I mean that she is just six weeks old now. Bottle feeding like we have ourselves a newborn babe! She has almost doubled in size since we got her and she has total run of Matt's office so to say that she wants more independence is an understatement. See also:

I have totally finished decorating for Christmas. Inside, that is. I have also finished Christmas shopping so you can just lay all your hate on me I know, I know. I want to enjoy the holiday season and getting stuff done ahead of time is part of how that happens for me. But because of that little Miss Nera needs to be under constant surveillance. What a great time to get a kitten! Although I have done this before right before Christmas but I sadly don't remember much of apartment training a kitten in the early days of our marriage....

I am totally going to hit my week a book goal and perhaps more! That's highly exciting. Right now I'm in a rush because this book is due like, yesterday and I hate me a late fee! I have a stack at least four high of books I need to read and I hate me a deadline. But I'll make my yearly goal so that is exciting!

I have started using Color Street for all my nail polish needs and I am obsessed. They last almost two weeks and are way cheaper than a salon! It's actual nail polish that just goes on like a sticker of sorts and it's dry almost instantly! I have all my Christmas polish needs ready and rearing to go. One of which is a glittery black and I mean, twist my arm am I right?

Anyways so what's new with you?

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What's New With You