olsen thanksgiving

I don't know how you and yours handle in-law holiday situations but me and mine? We always pick another day and call it Olsen Thanksgiving. This way the food is spread out... the time is spread out. It just makes it all the more enjoyable not having to pick sides or rush from one family to another and hey! My waistline appreciates not having to eat two meals in one day. Bonus: for Olsen Thanksgiving we rarely have the typical fare, normally Matt does Italian. Just like I like it.

We were missing Matt's youngest brother and his family but alas, I wouldn't leave Florida either so, we get it. It was just a day of hanging out and catching up and of course lots of food. And lots of cousin play time!

Past Olsen Thanskgivings (last year's was a typical Olsen sibling night) herehereherehere and here!



  1. So many cuties! Love your rings/bracelets, btw. And we've always done "pick a different day" for Christmas with my extended family (usually on New Year's Day or a weekend around Christmas), which frees me and my husband up to visit HIS family on actual Christmas. IT'S SO CONVENIENT!!!!!! We do have to alternate easter/Thanksgiving, so maybe I should suggest "different day Thanksgiving" haha :)


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