christmas decor tour: the playroom

Turning left from the foyer you'll enter into the most insane room of the house, the playroom. I've recovered a bit of this room from the kids since last Christmas, but it is still their room. Their little school desks are in there, the dress up station, and of course all the toys in their bins and assorted crafting supplies. It is what it is and someday I am sure when the room is cold and lacking life and noise and matchbox cars I'll miss it tremendously. So I call this room Santa's Workshop. Fitting with all the toys and such. It's also where I house my Santa every year since we got married collection. Quite a lot of them now! Normally they are all on top of the bookshelves but this year I sprinkled some throughout and I like it! All the Santas!

And of course the Santas at night!