christmas decor tour: the kid's rooms

If you are still with me then I applaud you (mom)! I thought I'd throw the kid's trees up here just for memory's sake!

Letty's Christmas decor is all things pink and girlie and she does not care a lick for that to change. Last year I entrusted her with my Snow Baby collection and that still gives me some emotions but she is nine. She (should) can handle it. My mom got me one every year (just like with the ornaments) and the one of the Snow Baby on the swan's back was given to me the year I found out I was finally pregnant (December 2009) and it is of course the most special. So it is fitting that Letty has my collection. Now don't break them. Please!

 David's room got an overhaul this year from pirates to sports themed. Well imagine my horror when I realized that his tree was also pirates themed! Oh the humanity! So I tore his tree apart and added some baseballs and basketballs and figured it's ok, for now.
 Dom's tree is still the same, all in it's racing car glory. Fast and the Furious? Anyone? I also think his little bit of Christmas decor with all his Star Wars stuff is sort of adorable...
And that's it! That's all folks! My house is where Christmas exploded and I love it all!