a christmas candylane visit

I'm going to go right on ahead and annoy a whole lot of people but here we are a week prior to Thanksgiving and yes, we got our Santa visit done already. We had a free Friday last week which is such a shocker during these final few months of the year and it wasn't raining and it was (sort of) not too cold so I'm sure you know we just had to go. My sister and her family and my mom joined us as well. My father is on a Hersheypark Boycott of sorts. It just isn't Disney right?
We were a bit thrown by the changes to the entrance but I kind of like entering in the middle of the park better anyways! The end is just so so far away! We went right away to see Santa and were pleasantly surprised by the lack of lines and rides. The Halloween trip was just so disastrous I did not hold high hopes!

He was such a good Santa! Asked their names and agreed with the sentiment of their shirts.... Letty would like a camera, David an Echo Dot, and Dom a riding scooter type situation. This we can do! David saw his name at the top of the nice list and decided quite emphatically "that just can't be right!" Which was pretty adorable. 
When we left Santa we were able to catch the light show they have going on every half hour. I love me lights and Christmas music! Next we headed towards Santa's reindeer. David asked a bunch of questions as he does.... We are still doing okay as far as the existence of Santa even with a major major (major) snafu on daddy's part. I had bought the bigger kid's their gifts forever ago (like an idiot because have you heard of Black Friday?) and when I saw the upcoming bargains I decided to return them. Which Matt was going to do. They saw the gifts in the back of his car. Yikes! He told them he was going to surprise them with the gifts but then mommy reminded him that they were planning on asking for them from Santa. And they bought it. Sorry future versions of Letty and David but keeping the magic alive is worth a little white lie now and again yes?

We also did a few rides of course. Not a ton though. We did get the kids on two rides that always have ridiculous wait times during the summer so I consider that huge!
Until what I am sure is the next time!