the time the gym gave out candy

Last week our gym had their first ever trick-or-treat night. Which sounds kind of contradictory... and it sure was... but it was actually a pretty great night! Sure something like three thousand people came (when it is free I mean what does one expect?) but we got there early and got our candy on right away. Early bird gets the candy and all that! 

I let the kids wear their official costumes which I never do but I figured it's inside what harm can be done? There were something like thirty tables set up, a lot of local companies and the like. Which is genius if you think about it. They had the baseball diamond open and some field hockey sticks out as well as an obstacle course and a huge room full of music and balloons. All about the candy this week am I right? I actually thought it was a great success! I never imagined we would spend over an hour walking around collecting candy so that's always a nice surprise.

A lot of these photos are from my sister-in-law's phone. Just as an fyi. Gotta give credit where credit is due.