some wineries, some naughty kids, and some history

After a lunch of all the pizza in all the lands we separated for just a bit... My parents went off in search of antiques and the rest of us went off in search of wine. We found a winery and had the place to ourselves... basically just peace and quiet other than our seven... and then we went to another vineyard.. met by my parents and apparently, Satan himself...

This second stop was one we just should never have made. The wine was totally fine, that wasn't it, it was the complete and utter melt down of each and every child. Except maybe Lena. And Harrison was napping so he doesn't count. Ashley took Audrey back to the hotel to nap... David kicked a ball to Mikayla's face and then a poor innocent dog... Letty was full of attitude... and the tantrums that Dom threw... wow. I tell you what. Those people just wanting to get their wine on on a beautiful September day had another thing coming. We left as quickly as we could.
But did we stop there?! Why that would be far too sane if you ask me! The kids had been told of this creamery, Owowcow, that had the best of pumpkin spice ice cream, among other flavors. So as not to punish those Sauder kids, we went. I made the boys sit in the car though and totally gave in and let Letty have some. It was sooo good. Matt chose to sit amongst the crying boys instead of partaking.. such a loss.
Annnnnnd (because there is always more!) we went to the Washington Crossing Historic Park.... You remember the painting from school right? Christmas Day and Washington at the helm leading a charge across the Delaware River? That one. There is a small little museum of sorts there that we walked (re: ran) through before it closed and then we just wandered through the grounds. This was sort of what I expected to see this weekend, history and old buildings. And mums. And anyone who noticed that Dom is missing it is because he fell asleep and we let sleeping giants lie.
That bridge above? Matt and I crossed to see about some food only to be completely terrified to return to PA. We had to turn in our side view mirrors. No way, Jose! When we got back to the hotel it was more swimming and more pajama time (and adult beverage time for the parents)! Well deserved if I do say so!