so what’s new with you

It's October! Which is one of my most favoritest months of the year! We are still just living day by day here living the extra-curricular activities dream life.... But we are in October! So the weather should cool down... the fall things should be in full swing... and the sports should end.... soon. ish. And all you working mamas who also take their kids to all the sports things and also maintain family dinners and also their sanity please please please tell me your ways!

Like I said we are just living one day at a time over here.... On Sunday's I check out the week as a whole and then each day I look ahead to the next... who needs to go where and be wearing what... snacks and supplies packed for poor (poor) Dominic who is being dragged from practice to game to practice again and well, this is the life. It's not the most fun for us as their parents (and younger brother) but the kids have been having an absolute blast and make me feel bad for holding them back for as long as I did....  but also not because oh mylanta is this not easy.

See also projects! Because why take a break during a busy spell of life!

1) We have recently sold our pool... We have decided to put an in-ground pool in next spring (yay!)... which is all highly exciting and nerve wracking and my oh my do we have a lot to do before then. We tore out the landscaping earlier this week and hope to get some of the deck down this weekend before the new owners of our pool come to take her off to have fun with their family. And then its more demo and the like for us. And permits. Because they are a real gas.

2) So this seems like a natural time to redo David's room yes? He is no longer into Blaze or Thomas or Pirates so it seems like it's time? One can question my sanity later. So I have been trying to squeeze in some painting amidst the chaos.

October is also Dyslexia Awareness Month which means that we are going to all the things. Walks, drafts, fundraisers and all the things. Just add to our level of crazy yes? I probably have never spoken openly about this on the blog but Letty finally got off the wait list and into the Children's Dyslexia Center of a "town near me" and now is getting tutoring (free, I might add) twice a week. So we will do whatever we can to support Letty and to support this learning disorder. Here here!

Anyways so lots of big things. 

New to me Instagram accounts... Not many new ones because you know, busy but.... Jackie, Lisa, and Always in October for obvious reasons.

So... what is new with you!? 

As always thanks to Kristen for hosting this link up!
What's New With You