run run, everybody move, run

So it is the fall and that means that the kid's elementary school hosts their annual Run for Fitness. Now that the kids are a bit older it's a half mile each.... They both were super excited to do it and so signed them up I did! And bonus? Their shirts still fit them from two years ago! Wild, right? Saving that money left and right. Right Matt? Wink wink.
David went first and he really books it so hard and I feel for him! He isn't the tallest of second graders but he really tries so hard! Letty came in second which she is just so happy with, I mean, of course!  Despite her face! Ha! David was having some feelings about not placing (that Letty felt really bad about) which I get but we all have our things do we not?  Some people can run really fast and others cannot. Either way I'm so glad they went out and did their best and had fun! And saw their friends. They sure love their little friends! So we are all winners in my book!
Last year's run herehere, and year before that here.