race. once more!

I feel like we were just doing this... which I mean, yes, it's been six months. But still! Time you saucy minx! This event is normally in the spring which is just a really crazy time so it was moved to the fall, which makes more sense to me! The kids sent out their mailers, people sent in money, and they beat their goal which is just fantastic!

Day of the kids just run in circles. For an  hour. They stop for water and Ritas (not David of course). David got just over three miles and Letty came in at a solid three. It's just basically a fun morning with friends and of course exercise. This year I got to be a lap marker for 2-4 grade so I had the pleasure of seeing both my kids... Next year when Dom does this I'll be torn once more..... Dom! Next! Year!

Moving on.

David wouldn't take a photo with me. He was quite rude actually and I am definitely not ready for such tomfoolery. He told me to go away and leave him alone and so I did. But man did it hurt. 
And yeah I'm totally not even facing the camera because I'm a social creature and I'm talking to my friend over on the right hand side. Whoops. Old habits and all that.

The weather was gorgeous and it all went so well! And of course afterwards I celebrated with friends... because, tradition!
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