nera, meet the blog. blog, meet nera.

We used to be pet people. I had a cat in college... Matt grew up with hoards of cats his entire life. When we first got married we got a kitten... and then another kitten... and then a puppy... collecting pets to ease the pain of the fact that we were not in fact collecting human babies of our own. But then human babies came and with that a whole slew of emotions and well... the pet hair! The less than desirable other pet problems! We slowly found better forever homes for our original pet babies and declared ourselves a pet free household forever and ever amen. Not even a fish! That was Matt's final statement... Not even a fish from a fair that you know will only last the week! Nothing!!!

And then a few years ago on a cold cold wintry night there were two tiny (but so fat and fuzzy) gray kittens on our back deck. And Matt just thought.... oh... wouldn't it be great to have kittens? He went out to try and save them from a night of blistery chill but fate alluded him and well, no kittens. We have talked about it time and again since that night but we never came to the official 'okay let's make this happen' stage. Until, Nera (which means black in Italian, you know me and my Italian names!).
A neighbor found her. In her yard. Abandoned. So she brought her inside and kindly bottle fed her while simultaneously calling shelters and appealing to her Facebook people trying to find her a home. She was getting nowhere. No one wants to bottle feed a kitten apparently... On day two of seeing her posts Matt brought it up most seriously. He sent me down to meet her and ask a hundred thousand questions... And the very next day we surprised the kids after school with their very own pet!
We are still obviously in the very very early stages.... she seems to be doing well, although we can't get her to a vet until November 1 (so cross those fingers). She's eating from a bottle and sleeping all night long and just getting busy exploring and cuddling and more and more sleeping. And the kids love  her. Letty in particular has taken mother hen role by storm.... 

So, there you have it. A family that had fallen from pet household grace and has attempted to redeem themselves!