makayla rae turns five!

How I have three nieces who are now five is beyond me. And how Dominc, my baby, will be five here in another month and a half is a whoooooole other issue. But it is what it is and last week Mikayla turned five! And we celebrated in style as her parents do, with a mermaid themed bash!

All but like, two of these photos are my sister-in-law's of course, lest you get confused by the good quality....There was a ton of good food and lots of playing around outside.... tattoos of the mermaid variety and mermaid tale crayons.... and of course that delicious and gorgeous cake! Plus presents! And one of the first cool fall nights of the year! That fire was working over time to keep us toasty.
Happiest of birthdays to you my Kayla Rae! You are hilarious and sassy and adorable and tough and I love you so!

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