letty’s fall party

This year I am "room mom" to both of my kids. Well technically a half of one to Letty. Either way, I have sucker written across my forehead and there you have it. I remember a better time when I didn't even know what a room mom did. That was fun wasn't it? But if there is a need and no one else to help then there I am, I guess. Last week was Letty's fall party and better believe I am taking notes from the veteran mom who is the other half of said room mom. Keeping it all in my back pocket for when it is David's party next month....

The kids had some games, relay races with pumpkins and make a mummy and jenga towers with an apple.... and then it was craft time followed by the kids favorite, snack time! With the cutest of cupcakes!  I was so happy to get into her classroom as it hasn't happened yet this year... I have been dying to get to know her friends and all of that. So. An education, as it were!