lancaster science factory

I've always heard about the Lancaster Science Factory but just never taken the kids there... it's hard to know unless you go how much enjoyment my kids will get out of something in relation to cost... so when we found out that on First Fridays in Lancaster it is free admission and that they were partnering with the Children's Dyslexia Center of Lancaster we knew we had to be there. 

The students at the center were asked if they wanted to make a poster board of famous people in a STEM field and while some sources contest that he did not in fact have dyslexia, Letty still wanted to do Walt. She loves her some Disney (don't we all). So that's the story behind her poster board. Which I mean, Jesus take the wheel! It's so hard for me to just let her do it her way... I was like hey want to type up the facts and print them? Want to mount that on colored paper? Nope. Just markers for her, thanks!
The kids had such a blast at this place! The parachutes, the water activities, all the building of all the things, the dance floor, the paper airplane launcher... I mean really... so fun! Oh and how does the Dyslexia Center tie in? Well the director asked a few of the students to rewrite the directions to the activities... and you can see from the photo I took below what a struggle it is for these kids! They also had a few activities demonstrating what they do at the center and how they work with these students in order for them to beat the disorder. Which was cool to see because they are private sessions and I can't spy on her!

But by the end of the night we had to practically drag them out of there. And locals? I fully expected it to be a nuthouse seeing as it was you know, free, but it wasn't! So next month: go!