hersheypark in the dark... with no rides

Well, next to no rides. And just don't get us started on that, to be sure... 

Every fall Hersheypark reinvents itself as a spooky but family friendly place and every year we make sure to go.... more than once. You're welcome Matt! The kids wear their costumes and they have a trick or treat trail and there are fun fall lights everywhere. So this was our first chance to go.... Annnnnd such a disappointment! So many of the "kid" rides were closed... or one attendant was working two rides so the lines were ridiculous... and yeah. Not a good time. I think maybe the kids got on two or three rides.... we even walked over to the zoo which never happens just trying to make the trip more worth while. The only highlight was the dripping in butter oh so good soft pretzels.

Not looking good Hershey. Not looking good. But ask me if I am a glutton for punishment and will try it again this fall? Ask me!