happy halloween!

I sure hope it is nice and dry wherever you are at the moment but for me and mine it is a day of rain and pretty bad weather. So bad in fact that the entire county changed their trick-or-treating day. So my kids will have to wait one day more. But here are their costumes in all their glory, as taken by my sister-in-law. Mal, Bumblebee and an astronaut for this year's totally uncoordinated Halloween!

 And of course we had to do an entire Trovato cousin shot as we tend to do! Audrey doesn't love her costume and I find it most hysterical.... and Harrison as Batman I can't even! Love these kids so much and I love that they get to do life together!
Past year's costumes here (I just loved the way the shots turned out last year! That sky and the field were just showing off), herehereherehere and here.