farm show week!

Last week was our hometown's annual Farm Show! It's a thing we do.... Animals and tractors and lots of your typical fair food. And of course the boys had field trips, Letty I guess is too old now to do such things. First up was David's! We wandered around and they completed a photo scavenger hunt and of course there was a whole lot of giggles about all the poop. Animals are fun. We were also the baaaaad chaperones and let our group of kids make their own jump ropes. It's actually pretty neat to see how it all comes together although I'm sure their teacher was none to pleased to have them come back into the classroom....

 Also during the Farm Show week is the Farm Show Parade. I never let my kids go because I really enjoy their early bed times. Which with the start of sports in our lives is a thing of the long lost past. David was given the choice between baseball game and parade and shocker of all shocks, he chose the game. I invited myself along to the neighborhood area.... a place along the parade route where a whole lot of my neighbors and their kids hang out for the duration. It was so much fun! The kids had a blast too and of course got a lot of candy. And we saw my niece walking with my brother-in-law's company. She took her candy hand offs very seriously! I'll definitely be back next year, hopefully with the entire family in tow.

On Thursday my sister and sister-in-law decided to take the kids to get some food and to see the animals (again). We sure do love the milkshakes! We also made sure to get the kids their very own jump ropes! These three doing life together I tell you what. The cutest. And so are Harrison and Audrey, naturally.
And we wrapped up the week with Dom's field trip! It was supposed to be earlier but was rescheduled because the forecast was calling for rain. Still, we had ourselves a good day! We saw all the animals (always with the animals) and Dom petted the skunk pelt....
Longest Farm Show post ever... but I figured rather than have something like... five of them best to get it done in one shot. Until next year! Last year's farm show fun here.