david's room got a little lift

I was making the beds the other Thursday (as I do on Thursdays) and I just decided that well, David doesn't play with Thomas the Train anymore nor does he watch Blaze and the Monster Machines so why oh why is this poor unfortunate middle child of mine still sleeping with those sheet sets!? So I decided to buy him new ones. Sports ones, of course. And then that led to a look around his room at all his pirate and beach themed goodness from when he was a baby and well... maybe it was time for that to go as well? And then that led to painting the entire room. So. New room for David! And does anyone else totally feel like they are in their very own mom version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? No? Just me?

And just for fun here is the original before and after of his room when we initially moved in. Gives me feelings, seeing that glider... I miss my babies!

I took away all his picture frames because well, they were broken and got him his very own cork board. I know he will fill it on up with all sorts of garbage but for now it's quite bare. I really didn't want to do too much as far as decorations on his furniture goes... he is quite a hoarder. His desk is covered with all manner of legos and none of them are sports related so... what is the point? I kept his dresser simple with a flag and an old baseball mitt of my brother's. The balls inside that plastic thing are "special" balls. The one is a game ball and the other his Uncle Glenn wrote on and gave it to him.

I had Matt whip up these things out of pallets that then I painted. And yes, I know I suck at painting soccer balls. Probably because I dislike soccer? I still think they turned out kind of cute though. I took his original David letters down and tore off the map that was originally glued on them.  I painted the red stitching and then took of my good ole scratch remover to make them look like dirty balls (get your mind out of the gutter).
David's hat collection was starting to cause a bit of an issue... He would have them all over the house and misplace the very one he absolutely needed to have on a given day. So Matt came up with this solution. I'm sure we will be doubling the hats up on a peg at some point in the boy's life...  He deemed the Phillies his favorite team and I have no idea why, although I'm guessing his friends like them so then does he.
Now for some ball display. Again, gutter. I spent some time on amazon and the very next day we had these in our possession. Functional and it fits the theme!
I have two prints of baseball patent drawings coming here soon... but I'm not entirely sure where I'll end up putting them! Whoops. Maybe on his cork board? I'll have to think on that. 

Something I literally never thought I would be doing is making a sports room for one of my boys. We are not sports people, Matt and I. We don't watch it. We don't have a favorite team (let alone sport). We don't even really watch the Super Bowl... so you can imagine our surprise when David wants all the sports. All the time. One just never knows.... these kids. They keep you on your toes.