annual gettysburg day trip

Matt and I have been taking trips to Gettysburg in the fall since before we were married, and I just kind of love it. It's only an hour or so away, I always enjoy seeing the sights, the kids love climbing all over all the things, and well, it's tradition!

The kids were off for Columbus Day and so Matt took off so that he could join me. I'm not sure I would have bothered taking the kids solo again... although, we will never know.

First, and perhaps most important, was where were we going to eat lunch? Last year we found this fantastic distillery that to our great disappointment is not open on Mondays... If we were made of lesser stock we would have cancelled the entire day. Thankfully we soldiered (see what I did there) on and found another restaurant of note, the Blue & Gray Bar & Grill. The burgers are apparently quite delicious. Mine was covered in pickles and all things dill so, yes, it was a banging burger. And the table was covered with a giant sheet of paper so that made the kids happy.

Once full, we headed into the park. We always stop at the same places, the Pennsylvania Memorial, two observation towers (because I am sick), Little Round Top and Devil's Den. My kids especially love Devil's Den. All those rocks to be climbed! It's a dream for them!  Matt keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground while I defy death and sanity climbing those towers, but those views up there make it worth it. Even if it does take me quite a while to recover my even breathing...
What is a little day trip without some ice cream? Mr. G's was our destination and the ice cream was quite fantastic! And the building saw the war and was left with a few battle scars of her own which I loved seeing.
I tried to recreate a few of last year's photos but ya know... sometimes kids just don't cooperate the way you want them too... And the observation area at the Pennsylvania Monument was blocked off so... rude. See you next year Gettysburg! 

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