a morning at hellerick family farm

Our Saturday away of course started with a hotel breakfast before the main event, Hellerick's Family Farm. A farm so full of fall activities they just cannot be named! But up first, a playground to kill some time before it opened! And I mean, 80 degree fall days are sort of not ideal but we make do. At least there was no rain!

This place had a corn maize, trikes, pumpkin rolling, wagon rides, rat races, tractor pulling, a playground, potato tossing, cornhole, slides, sunflowers, pumpkins.... I mean I could go on and on.  It was a kid's fall dream come true! I'm sure if we were stronger parents we could have spent time there but we all have a max on the whole chase your kid around thing.... And I'm just really loving the fact that for my parent's fortieth wedding anniversary they decided to take us all away for the weekend and do fall things. They are pretty great aren't they?