the zoo with cousins

If I waited around for a time to make it to the zoo when the bigger kids would go well then, I'd never go. Which is a shame because it is included with our Hersheypark season passes so we should take advantage of it. And it only takes like, forty-five minutes to walk through and that's even with the littlest of legs. 

So last week we headed up to see what we could see at Zoo America.
We actually saw a decent amount of the animals! Normally on our visits the bears seem to be off doing something far more important than being seen, the bobcats and the mountain lions have gotten together and decided well if Mr. Black Bear and Mrs. Brown Bear can hide why can't we? Well all of the above graced us with their presence and that was highly exciting for the little ones in our group! And Dom saw a tarantula. Great success!

And then my mom treated us all the Red Robin. Yum!