our labor day weekend

A week out and I'm finally getting around to our Labor Day Weekend... typically I have these holiday weekends booked to the very minute but this one I just had... nothing. I was waiting on some info about baseball but other than that I have no excuse. I was just, taking it easy, I guess. But even with that said we still had quite the busy and wonderful weekend to wrap up our summer!

Friday night we had Chinese at my parent's house with all the cousins and sprinklers and popsicles galore!

Saturday I discussed already with the whole vineyard thing.... Sunday we took the kids to a park before the block party thing which again, I already discussed...
And then Monday was supposed to be a family bbq day complete with swimming and a ton of festive food.... Except my brother and sister's families both got hit with a stomach bug and so... it was just Nonna and Pop and us Olsens. The kids swam a little but it was a tad cold... we had a smaller version of said bbq, but it was definitely an odd one, to be sure. My parents had four kids for a reason you know? And holidays with just one child sure are not what I am cut out for!
How about you? How was your Labor Day weekend?