dominic's first day of pre-k!

This week was Dom's first week of school. Technically Monday, although he didn't leave my presence. He totally knows the drill, the building, the bathrooms and even the fish. He knows about half the class from last year so that helps immensely. Not to mention that his teacher this year was David's teacher years ago and well, he's been waiting for her ever since. 

Speaking of said teacher, she read The Kissing Hand because she knows how to make us have all the feels. Dom doesn't really do The Kissing Hand like his older siblings (still going strong on that one each and every day before school and each and every night before bed a thank you forever and ever amen) but he still liked the story. Then the kiddos did a scavenger hunt all around the classroom followed by just lots of free play!
Come Wednesday though I actually had to leave him. I packed him his lunch (oh the humanity! a lunch without me!) and he was just so so so excited to get into that building and be with all his friends. He's been waiting for weeks to go back to school (do I go to school this day mommy?) which definitely helps this mama with all those emotions I have. You know the ones that accompany your baby (your final baby) starting pre-k... Our final year ever at this school. And weren't we just here doing this with David? My middle child who was so anxious about it that he made himself throw up? That day was just like, yesterday. And now here I am once more, same room, same teachers, different kid, different emotions. A year from now he will have been in school for a few weeks, doing all those kindergarten things and then I'll really be left all alone. But for now, it is just two and a half days a week. I drove myself to the gym and took two classes and then I went out shopping with my sister and she got me coffee (thank you Betha!) and so really it wasn't too bad of a day.... even if I did keep automatically hitting the van door button for the Dom that wasn't there...
He had the best day! He said. He was disgustingly sweaty (no AC) and slightly stinky. He was super tired and lost his mind for a little when we got home, but nothing that a little caloric intake couldn't fix. I saw some photos of him on their Facebook page from during the day and he was all smiles in them, so. We made it!

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