an air show

I know this happened before the kids went back to school but I wanted to share these photos just the same.... a local airport here has these Aviation Days every other year or so and normally I drag my brood in to the actual airport (here and here) but Letty had been at a sleepover the night before and so she was naturally just a hair past exhausted and Matt wasn't really in to it so we decided not to go in.... longest sentence ever just to say we parked our van and watched the air show portion of the day from the corner right by our bank. It was such a gorgeous day and we had quite a good spot to watch the planes. And without any of the crowds!

My brother and his family met us there as well. Go big or go home right? We had our chairs set up and sunglasses on and prepared for the show! Naturally the kids found something to complain about (the sun, it's like, really bright) so we all got our umbrellas and my brother played Jeeves to his youngest... 

We so classy. Next time I vote we go in regardless of external factors. So there.

Oh... and happy Labor Day!