a neighborhood partay

When we were first looking to move back to my hometown we had visited this very development we currently live in. On Labor Day Weekend. The very same day that they were having this quite large and in charge party by the park. We drove through the development and looked at the crowds of people and the colorful bounce houses and thought oh... how fun! 

Fast forward five years and we have never been to said Labor Day party. We know they have it each and every year... and we know a few people who go... but we never went. Well this year, we went. Finally. 

They had a whole pig (!), a dunk tank, lots of food, a petting zoo and a wagon ride over to the farm across the street complete with a barrel train. My brother-in-law and his family joined us for a bit as well! Mingling with friends new and old and the kids just tearing around being kids with neighbors! I let my eldest do a few things I normally wouldn't but I guess she is nine so I best let her have a little bit of space right? Like tiny baby infant space yes?

We will definitely be back next year, to be sure!