a morning of all the fall things

And if that blog title makes you start singing Blink 182 well then, you're welcome.

Last Thursday on a day that was quite chilly for early September (notice the differences in how my sister and I dress our children) we all headed to Masonic Villages for some apple picking! Will drive far distances for such an experience! As much as I miss my elder two of course, it is quite refreshing to only have to worry about one other soul at a place such as this. Watching my sister and sister-in-law checking for their two each made me almost feel like I was on a vacation. Just me and my buddy Dom. Although I do feel sad that they missed out on this fall activity, but I'm sure we will go back, because that is just what we do!

After picking Nonna treated all the grandkids (and those not currently present) to chocolate chip cookies from the farmer's market. All before heading off on our next fall activity: a pumpkin farm! Stand? There is this farm just a few minutes from my house that we always hit up for our pumpkin and mum and gourd needs. I realize it was only like September 5th or some such thing but my porch was ready. I was ready. Plus this place is super cute and has a horse named Rosie!!
It's just the start of all things Fall around here! More to come, lest you fret!