a fall home tour part ii

Moving on from yesterday into where we spend most of our time, the kitchen and living room area.... decorating this tray is always a favorite of mine. And these two rooms are the rooms with all the color. All the oranges and mustards! I've definitely tamed it down over the years but I think these things are here to stay.

And then of course the living room.  I had some new shelves to decorate this year which hold some of my new to me antique finds that I didn't want to put away for the season. So I  just threw some leaves up there as well as my little wreath/pumpkin number and called it a day. More pumpkins all around and wala!

I also did a teeny tiny bit in my master bedroom because I have a mantle in there this year so it was a must! But like I said, tiny. 
And that's all she wrote! Do you guys go big for Fall when it comes to decorating?