a fall home tour part i

I do have to say that my house has been decorated for a few weeks now but I decided to hold out a tiny bit on the blog. I wave my crazy flag when and if I feel like it. This was the number one item on "my kids are back to school so what will you do with your life" to do list. Right above go to the dentist and schedule routine bloodwork. Adulting is fun.

Dom finds this process most exciting. Which is most surprising for me. He got really in to it and I had to keep telling him to pump the brakes a bit. He really enjoys all the new books that come out too so once they were unearthed out of the box he happily sat paging through them. 

Anyway so here we are. Part Uno. Walking into my foyer...

And then you make a left and you are into the playroom. I am typing that with my Batman voice because that room be cray. It's like a little bit of me starting to creep in but then ohhhh no my kids still have it on lock down. Their stuff is everywhere. But I do love the huge chalkboard. That's always a lot of fun. I feel like I want to get a whole bunch of drop cloth fabric and make some kind of curtain area to hide all their  bins. And maybe a slipcover. And then I need a blind eye to all their piles of crap on their three little school desks.... Which I won't show you here.... Every few weeks I snap and start tearing around like this and throw all the things away. This was not one of those weeks.
Keep on through the room of crazy and you'll enter one of my favorite rooms, the dining room. She is so pretty in all her neutral glory and always a favorite of mine to decorate for the seasons. And she has about a  hundred white pumpkins. I don't exaggerate, like ever.
More to come later!