who letty is at nine years

What is your favorite age? For your kids, I mean, obviously. I look at these photos of Letty over the past nine years and I think, this! This was my favorite! And then I see the next and I go no no no! This was it! And then her sweet curls at age three I  mean that must be the best time! And basically I guess they are all my favorite times. I won't pretend that we are all sunshine and roses because anyone around us knows that  her and I are oil and water. I'm the water. She's the oil. But I love her more than I could even begin to describe. And now my most favorite little lady on the earth is turning nine. Today. Nine years ago today she made me the happiest woman on the planet by joining us earth side. Three years after Matt and I decided we wanted a baby here she finally was! And she was perfect! 

So, nine. She loves field hockey and Girl Scouts, church on Wednesday nights and her friends. She loves being around people and every day asks what family is coming over to be with us.  She loves to text with her Nonna and Pop (don't worry it's only on her iPad and only with her grandparents and her parents, and hey, it's reading practice right?) She is soo social! She loves her American Girl/Our Generation dolls and all the crafts in all the lands. Watching movies and staying up late and musicals are still top on her list! Actually I'm fairly certain that tonight her daddy and I have a late night viewing of Descendants 3 on deck for this evening!
This year brought her a lot of more work if that makes sense. She tries so hard in school that I honestly can't even begin to comprehend it all and if I focus too much I may spiral a bit. She works so hard all day, and comes home and works hard with her tutor. Not every day mind, but still, it is a lot. And she may fight me on it but she sure doesn't fight her tutor. She knows where she is at and she can explain herself and explain to others why maybe reading isn't the easiest thing in the world for her. Hearing her tell her friends that she has a "special brain" just makes my heart break but also makes me so proud all at once. Almost as much as the time I heard her tell her friends that she was only eight and had her whole lifetime for boyfriends. Amen girl! Amen. She is so creative and so wonderful at problem solving; she always thinks of things that Matt and I may have missed.
She is a second mother to both of the boys. She always inserts herself in a discussion and is happy to add her two cents. There isn't a day that goes by that Matt and I aren't telling her to only worry about herself. She is a mothering little thing to my youngest niece and nephew too, always hugging them and carrying them around. It's sort of like a glimpse into my past when I am most certain I did the same thing to my sister and to my cousins. 
I cannot believe she is nine. Time is such a cruel thief. I know I say it every year but having this girl be my trail blazer is certainly a struggle for me... I miss her sweet chubby cheeks and wrist creases and her babble. I miss her obsession with Tinkerbell and Bye Bye Birdie. I miss her wubanub. I miss her curls and her cuddles. I miss being one of her favorite people to be with. I miss when she called my mom "whoa." I miss it all. And now she is nine. And I will miss this too one day.... I'm afraid.
The happiest of days to you my dear sweet Letty Bet! You are so loved and so special to so many people! Happy happy birthday!
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