the final hersheypark visit of the summer

And I stand by that statement. I wanted to get a final visit in before the water park closes for the year and before the kids all head back to school... My sister-in-law came along for the ride as well. We had ourselves an early quick bite at Wendy's (the summer of food, I know) and then headed right to the water park. Which I thought was open until eight but actually it closed at six. So we had maybe a half hour in there. At least we can say we did it! Matt took the bigger two down one of the bigger slides so... trying to find that silver lining.

Then we walked around and the kids went on whatever rides had not such a long wait time. I am a wait time snob. We left right as the sun was setting because well, we were Hersheyparked out. Matt especially. 
See you in the fall Hersheypark! But I don't want to think about that right now.... Because this is my final weekend of summer and I have major feelings about it!