the bigger kid's first day of school!

Which was you know, Monday. They only had four days this week but man what a long four days they were! We all know how I feel about school by now so I won't repeat myself for the sixth (?) year in a row... First day of third and second grades! Wow!
The morning went smoother than I imagined, they all seemed to remember the drill from June and were out the door with no issues other than a few refrains about their exhaustion level. We drove them together and watched them walk over the chalk-covered sidewalk up to their school.... They looked back a few times and watched as we pulled away which let me tell you what that is so hard for me! The trepidation, the cautious glances back, the need for a head nod and a wave and a reassuring smile.... Gah! Gets me each and every time! And the tears that I always fight to hide from them? Well this is the first year in six (?) that I can say they didn't actually fall from my eyes. They were there, but I kept them in check.
They really did need to go back... not just for their intellectual stimulation, but I could just tell. They were over being with each other... They were over the lack of routine... And they sorely missed their friends. They came off the bus that first day sprinting down the sidewalk to our house yelling "best day ever" and "I had such a good day" over and over.... that well, I know everything is going to be just fine. Even if I miss them like a crazy lady. Even if the days drag on. Even if this means all of the activities start back up again. Even if all I do is drive them from place to place. This is good for them. For us all. But I still don't like you school. And I'm giving you a hard side-eye lunches.

Oh and then I treated them to Rita's. Because I show my love through the purchasing of ice cream and assorted treats.