some summer moments

We are just soaking up every last second of summer around here! This is our final week and I'm sure you can imagine just how that is making me feel... Stay forever please! 

So as of late we have had ourselves some summer storms and some rainbows... Lots of time with cousins and some time with friends and play dates galore. We have eaten far too much delicious food courtesy of that husband of mine. And of course lots and lots of pool days! Our old neighbors joined our gym and we all just could not be happier about it! I've watched my nieces and nephew a few times lately and you know baby snuggles are a favorite of mine! I took the kids to see Aladdin and I loooved it! And I've also welcomed the change from The Descendants 3 soundtrack with the Aladdin one. Variety is the spice of life!

Sniff... it's coming to an end. So soon.



  1. I am right there with you! We start back tomorrow and I am not happy one bit. Wahhhhh! Long live summer!! You guys sure do know how to do summers. We haven’t seen Aladdin yet, but want to. We finally saw Lion King and loved it. Have you guys seen that one?

  2. gotta squeeze in all the summer you can!!!! it ends too soon!!!


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