peaches and pineview!

Last week my mom and I took the my kids and my niece and nephew down to Cherry Hill Orchards to pick us some peaches. Because it is August and that is what we do the first week of August. I'm still going to pretend it's the beginning of the month and not the middle of the month okay yes?

My sister had to work which I think she not so secretly did not mind so it was just us! Kids and peaches! The sun was shining and it was hot but not like I'm gonna die from the heat type of thing like in years past. It doesn't take us long to pick them that is for sure. Kids climbing in trees and throwing them peaches into the box.... But it is important to me because I've been doing it for forever and well, I'm a sucker for those traditions! And I do love peaches! I just don't drink wine as much as I once did...

And right down the road from this orchard is Pineview Dairy! We were there already once this summer but that was before I learned about the whole Ice Cream Trail business and so we had to go back to get our final stamp in our passports! Free Your Scoops t-shirts are coming the kid's ways! We did make them eat their lunches first. What are we, savages? And in the mean time look at those baby cows!
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