my lena girl turned five!

My sister and her family moved recently and so little Lena's big day was sort of lost a bit in translation during that process. So about a week later we all gathered and their new house to ring in five years with that precious little lady! And do not worry, my sister only moved like, six minutes further away from me and still in the same district so we can breathe! She didn't leave us!

We had ourselves some delicious food and Lena opened her presents and then there was singing and cake and then we all took a walk to the neighborhood park type area and let the kids run off some sugar.... And I totally forgot to get photos of her with all her guests! Rookie move Aunt Lolo! Rookie move!

I just can't even fathom that this little lady is five whole years old! I remember when Letty was that age and how old it felt to me and now that Lena is here I can't wrap my head around it! She still seems so young and innocent and she is just an angel girl to me! I'm sure every aunt thinks their nieces are as wonderful as I think mine are! The happiest of birthdays to you you sweet sweet thing! We all love you so!

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