lady liberty and ellis island

Some may think us crazy to attempt a Statue of Liberty visit during a single day trip to NYC.... and not just a day but we wanted to squeeze it into a morning. And that is just what we did. We had tickets to enter security after 9 a.m. and we were there a few minutes early with bells on! On that ferry! Heading to visit the Lady herself!

The ferry departs from Battery Park so we took the girls around there checking out the little exhibit they have until it was time to board the boat... You could see what the battery looked like through the years... once in the middle of the water and now... you know, not. I love seeing what places looked like long before they look like they do now... If you can follow. And then it was time to board! The ferry was listing in the right direction because well, that's the side we would approach the Lady. I didn't like that one bit so I maintained a safe position on the left... Ten thousand people a day go there.... so I am told.

Another ferry then took us over to Ellis Island. A quick walk through the museum and the Registry Room and then we headed outside to find Letteria's namesake on the wall of honor. My grandfather had her name put there and well, that was just pretty cool. My great-grandmother, arriving in 1901... and 118 years later her great-great-granddaughter came to check out the very same place. And all with an American Girl Doll strapped to her chest....
On the ferry back to Manhattan a kindly older gentleman was trying to sell me on a Gray's Papaya stand uptown... As if I needed to be sold! The reputation presides it!  He went there on his second date with his future wife. Two hot dogs and a soft drink for six dollars (today's cost) he told me..... twice. He also claimed that the best apple pie of his life came from Green Dragon in Ephrata a mere half hour from here.... Love it!