baseball, america's favorite past time

A week or so ago we hit up a definite summer must-do and went to see a baseball game! We got these tickets through Letty's tutoring center which I mean how nice is that! It was a hot night but not unbearable and there really weren't very many people there. It was great to see how much more knowledge David has gained now that he's gone to all these baseball camps and read all these baseball books and such. He is such a fan!

Of course Matt and I got ourselves beers because that just goes with baseball yes? I packed about a zillion snacks and waters for the kids because apparently going anywhere outside of my house means that they are going to die from starvation and/or thirst. We stayed till we were sure the Barnstormer's were going to win, basically the top of the seventh and then we headed home. All to a gorgeous sky!