an epic pool party

We all know what today is... and I'm just going to ignore that and relieve our second-to-last weekend of summer, when this family of mine (along with my parents and sister and her family) all picked up and drove in the incessant traffic to Long Island. For a pool party. But what a party it was!!

My parents rented a twelve passenger van which was just so very fun! We love to be together that much! I drove on the way there and as it tends to happen as soon as we crossed into New York the traffic just hit us. For something like two hours. I don't know how anyone can live there and not have a high blood pressure problem. I felt almost claustrophobic sitting in traffic like that. I needed to be freeeeee! Anyways we got to the hotel and changed into our suits and then headed over to my aunt and uncle's house. They have some house let me tell you! Last time we were there it was fall so to see that pool in all it's glory gave me serious pool envy!
We pulled in the driveway and my children instantly registered the sight of an enormous blow up water slide. I mean, pulling out all the stops right?! And you better believe the bigger kids (myself included) went down that thing as well! And get this. They had a lifeguard!!! How genius is this!? We could totally just relax knowing that she had her eyes on those kiddos! 

The food too! I wish I had gotten a photo but alas there was just so much going on! The swimming and the laughing and the drinking and the seltzers.... Everyone was surprised by a Mister Softee ice cream truck as well... the squeals coming out of my children probably were heard across the island! It was such a beautiful day with family! Living out of state means we only see them a few times a year if that much so it was so nice to kick back and have fun with them all! Major photo dump here, I alert you! Thanks to all who shared and took photos too! Looking at you Mia!

The night ended up with a fire pit and a fire plae and night swims and all that jazz. Too much fun! I can't get over this party... What a way to ring out the closing of summer! Thanks so much to my aunt and uncle for hosting us! It was so nice to see almost all of the Trovato family! I totally dropped the ball and didn't get a photo of the whole group... to my never ending shame.... But, next time!