an afternoon sight seeing in nyc

We left the history portion of our morning and arrived back in Battery Park. I had seen earlier that there was something called a Sea Glass Carousel and was like uhm hello! Four little ladies would love this and for $5 a girl I consider that a bargain. It was so fun and different! And the ride was actually pretty long so it felt more worth it....

Then we headed for a lunch spot I had found on the Google. Adrienne's Pizzabar not too far from Wall Street. The outdoor tables were right on a cobblestone street and the service and food was phenomenal. I barely had to think the word water before it magically appeared in front of me.
Then we took these ladies uptown! To their main event! The American Girl Doll Store! They had only been asking about it you know.... for the pasty eight hours. When you leave at 4:30 a.m. the questions can get quite old.
But first we stopped by Carlos's Bake Shop because my friend Janelle was a major fan. The girls didn't mind some more sugar and I didn't mind me the cannoli.
Here she is. The big deal. The store of all stores to these little ladies. American. Girl. Letty had quite the hard time finding something to purchase, you know, being on a budget and all. They had no field hockey outfit (rude) and no Kirsten outfit (she's been discontinued for quite some time, as she is thirty years old after all). I was so surprised to see the staff call each doll by name as we walked in! Even Kirsten! Letty felt like quite the celebrity and all that. She ended up choosing an outfit that is a "NYC Favorite" meaning  basically, American Girl Store brand outfit. And a few books too! We could have spent the day there. They had a salon and a cafe too! Maybe next time ladies! And Toniel was super sweet and bought all the girl's dolls their very own BFF bracelets!
When we left the store we just sort of headed back to our train station that we needed to hit to head back to NJ... and along the way saw some more iconic NYC sights. The girls were starting to drag so we knew it was time to head back in a westward direction. We did it all and we were exhausted but it was the very best day!