a summer sleepover

Last week my sister-in-law and brother invited us down to their house (a whopping thirty minutes south) for a summer night of sleepover fun! The original goal being to set up the telescope and check out the moon which unfortunately la luna had other plans and didn't want to come out till we were fast asleep... Rude. 

But even if we didn't see the moon we had such a night of fun! The kids swam and they had ice cream cones and s'mores and a fire and popcorn and all the fun time with their cousin! Audrey missed most of it because sleep is a priority with that one. They were quite the hosts and we were quite spoiled! Thanks for such a fun night guys! Just getting in all the summer fun whilst we could right? Who needs sleep!

Of course as always so many of these photos are my sister-in-law's. Having a professional photographer around sure is nice!

And how about that sky!? The clouds were just so perdy!