a moon gazing night!

In an effort to get everything done that I want to get done before school rears it's ugly (give me a break here on that) head we had ourselves a little fun night last week! We brought out Matt's telescope.... We had a fire and s'mores and a night swim! The kids were all about looking at the moon and whatever planets they could see. We even saw rings! They brought out their space books and of course Dom's ever present spider, Jaxson. Things nightmares are made of. And he chose that name because that is his best friend's name from school. So I guess he misses him, or something. 

And then to just round out the night the kids had a movie and a sleepover in the basement! Making those summer memories!



  1. this telescope situation you have gets me every time!!! the moon shots are unreal!!! and do the kiddos still sleep well in the basement if you go up to your own bedroom? look at all three cozy together! they are so cute!!!


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