a hot morning at hersheypark

We haven't gone to Hersheypark nearly as much as we have in prior years... and I'm not sure why that is... tutoring maybe, or day trips, or the fact that we  have a pool.... But either way my sister and I deemed it was time to get up there and take advantage of the extra Sweet Start Hour and get some rides under our belt.
And to the kid's greatest joy, Letty and Dominic both moved up a height category! On to bigger and better rides we come! Dom took right off and wanted to ride the Comet and the Super Dooper Looper. No fear of roller coasters for that boy! We got a few decent thrill rides in for the bigger kids and then more tame rides in for the younger three... all with a side of a few character sightings! That extra hour really is great for getting a lot done! Not all rides were open of course but still, to beat the heat and the crowds it is key!