a friend birthday party for letty

I am so glad that when it comes time for the kid's birthdays and they ask for a party that I can just  nod my head enthusiastically and say yes, sure! A pool party! Because of all the birthday craziness that the first few days of August entails we decided to host the party on her actual birthday... just her and a bunch of her lady friends. I didn't cap her this year... not sure why, it just didn't occur to me. I think she invited something like twelve girls and with those pesky summer vacations we were down to a total of eight ladies! So we partied on with snacks and presents and rock painting and of course cupcakes! Letty chose this design herself, straight from Pinterest of course!

All these beautiful girls with their constant goggles headwear is something else is it not? I'm fairly certain that Letty's hair will never lose the bend in it from where the strap lands...

Such a great group of girls! I'm so happy that she has them to do life with! Thanks to all for celebrating and spoiling her with so many goodies! And thanks to those mamas who hung out with me! It was almost like a party for me as well!