a foggy morning at the wtc

Way back in the long ago month of June two friends of mine (Toniel and Janelle) were on our back deck discussing the upcoming summer (you know, that summer that seemed to stretch beautiful and endless in front of us but is now coming to a halting end?) and we cooked up this plan to head to NYC in August with our girls (Baylee, Sylvie, Letty and Sydney), no boys allowed! The main event for those little ladies was to come but for the rest of the day the adults called the shots.  
It's been a minute since I've done this trek but I figured we could handle it! First stop of course, as I enter Manhattan from Newark, NJ, is the WTC. There are many things to say... and many things I just can't find the words to say... But we took the girls to the Memorial and they looked up at One World Trade Center and they saw a few photos of the original buildings on our phones and then maybe one of the actual day...  And they don't really get it, I know. To live in a world where such things can happen is some tough pill for me to swallow. But to see it in person is important. To take a moment...

A kindly gentleman told me to cross the street and take a photo of One World Trade Center in the reflection of another building... and it would have been perfect if not for that pesky fog. Which thankfully cleared so we were able to see the very tippy top. And that statue? It was actually in the original WTC... between the two buildings. You know, before. It now resides across the street, facing it's former home.