a family birthday party for letty

Party party party around here. Always always always during the beginning of August. On my actual birthday we hosted our families for Letty's family party. Some swimming, some eating, lots of presents and cake and singing and then we ended the evening giving all my nieces and nephews balloons and annoying our siblings with said gift. The joy of a child with a balloon I will tell you what! And to know that they all leave with them!

She had chosen mermaids as her theme if yesterday's post didn't give that away... Which was basically a lot of me taking Letty's shell and sea glass collection and sprinkling them everywhere. She wanted hot dogs and my mac and cheese as the meal (yes I make like, one thing) and we supplemented that with a delicious summer salad and burgers. And of course her beautiful cake! I had her birthday dvd that took me hours to make on repeat too, as per the usual. And poppop even swam! And and and the rain held off until we were all inside and there was a rainbow! Birthday miracles!

We also had to recreate the annual photo of the four mamas who gave birth to four babes five (!) years ago! I love me photo recreation!

Thank you thank you thank you family for coming and celebrating this nine year old's big day! She got so many wonderful presents and she is quite lucky all around! Seeing her reading during her party is pretty much the best gift I could ever ask for on my birthday. Love you all so much! 

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