a beach day!

Beach days require such a lot of schlepping. Just call me Sherpa Laurie at that point. The amount of crap necessary is just beyond words. Whatever happened to a towel and a book? Maybe a pair of sunglasses?? We were up with the sun, as we do, so we packed up and hit the beach by 9. The rest of the family eventually joined too and we did our best to save the best real estate for them. 

We were also joined by the Carpers! I knew they were coming but I didn't tell the kids so it was quite the fun to surprise them down there! Like, how did you guys even get here?! They had so much fun with beach friends! They swam and played and dug! I even got my hair wet which if you know me at all is like a huge thing! I haven't been swimming in the ocean in over a decade. Mark it down for the books! 
Then we went back for dinner and more birthday celebrations! They never end around these parts do they  not! Even those without birthdays got gifts and then of course, cake!