who david is at seven years

My first son is officially seven, as of today. Well technically, as of 5:08 pm this evening. He's been very into hearing about all the things these days and well thank goodness he isn't a girl! Direct quote. Seven. It seems so old! I know this is my second time around with a seven year old but still, it seems old! He will be a second grader and he is seven. Our sweet and smart little sensitive man!
He's pretty much the same David from the year before and the year before that. We have made some steps into better eating but he still has the potential to ruin every meal. And yet! He is the first to hug  you or to offer up a compliment. He can be so kind and appreciative and sensitive to other's feelings. He loves to build with Legos, read Dogman books, snorkel in the pool, play video games with his daddy and ask questions.
He knows all the things. At least he thinks he does. We are working on the whole nobody likes a know-it-all thing... He is such a good reader and loves to grow his knowledge on facts. Like, what was the longest dinosaur called and what state has the most crayons. Yet he always forgets things like his water sippy (yes we still call their water cups sippies, we are a work in progress are we not?) or his shoes or his hat or Lord knows what else. Without his mother he would be a lost little soul... A smart one, but still, lost and shoeless, without water.
We are finally letting him play baseball on a team this year. After two years of telling him no we have finally accepted that he still loves the game and he still wants to play. And I hope he handles it! He is young for his grade and he loves sleep (thank God) so I'm hoping the later nights won't affect his morning routine... The kid loves baseball though! I can hold him back no more! He can't be outside without wanting to play catch. He recently started collecting baseball cards and I'm like oh lawd here we go! Sometimes he can remind me so much of my older brother!
He thinks he is hilarious. His favorite joke involves space and toilet paper and Uranus. Ahem. He loves to listen to the music that his daddy listens to while he lifts... Not sure that's the best parenting decision Matt's ever made but... There you have it. He loves to dance like a loon to Latin dance music. He has a wrestling with his brother problem.... He can cry over a stuffed puppy he had for all of an hour and then left in a parking lot. For two whole days later. He's inquisitive. He's so many different and wonderful things and we love you so much David! Happy seventh birthday!  We've only been counting down for a month now! Today is your day!