the start of an olsen beach vacation weekend

We are coming down from a weekend at the shore these days... the laundry is done and everything is unpacked but I'm pretty sure there are tons and tons of sand still in our car... but a weekend with Matt's aunt and uncle and his brother and his brood are worth all the sand! If you ask me. We have been doing this since long before kids were involved and I'm so glad that we are still able to keep it up!

We headed down there right after Letty's last tutoring session, getting in shortly after three or so. We unpacked and swam while waiting for the rest of Olsens to arrive... My brother and his wife let us use their hatch thing that enabled us to not take the van.... amazing how much crap can fit in that thing! Also? I constantly forget that the end of July is crepe myrtle central down there. Those blooming trees everywhere just makes my day!

It was Mexican night! We got take out from a place called Matteo's so I  mean, it had to be good right? All the foods. All the drinks. And all the good sky! Great recipe for a first night on the bay! I love hanging out on Uncle Glenn's pontoon boat and waiting for the sun to set. The kids play charades and we just let them do their own thing... staying up late and enjoying life. Within reason because I mean, I'm still me.