summer camps take two!!

So my parents wanted to treat the kids to their summer camps this year! Aren't we so lucky! Luckily our gym had camps for my two boys running the same week and same time and then Lena was able to join too! David did a baseball camp and the younger ones did a Preschool All Sports camp. We were excited!

During the camps I would either work out and take Letty somewhere fun or I would take her to tutoring. I never had to pick up Dom because my sister would just grab him when she got Lena... It is so nice to have a village! The younger kids got exposed to all sorts of sports and Dom likes baseball and volleyball best. Not surprised! David got exposed to dealing with a "rough" personality of a coach and I think that was good for him! Not everyone is all happy and rainbows all the time. He learned a lot and I think it was good for him to be the smallest fish in the pond for once (the camp was ages 7-12).
So happy the kids loved their camps this summer! We celebrated with McDonald's happy meals! Makes sense right? Thank you Nonna and Pop for a summer of fun!