How are we already into July? Does anyone else feel like once the Fourth of July hits summer is all but over? I have this big desk planner that I use to organize my kind of crazy and I always have two months up on the fridge at a time... so as a month ends I throw that one out and then add the month after next.... Well let me tell you it actually caused me pain to write the words "first day of school" on August 26th. I'm not ready! 

You still have almost two full months Laur... deep slow breathing....

Back to summer and a yearly tradition of picking ourselves some raspberries! This might be the most useful fruit picking we do, as we freeze a whole lot (relatively) and use them the entire year long. In drinks, mostly. Plus I just love me some raspberries with my yogurt. This is such a pretty farm and I always love the view so much. And this day? It wasn't a million degrees so the picking was actually enjoyable! 

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